Friday, 19 August 2016

How Sunshine, Water and Mud can Heal your Diseases | Natural Energy for our Body

There are natural sources of energy for our body, and we know about them, but we’re not using them.

The body’s self-healing capacity disrupts when the connection between the natural energies and the human body snaps and then many diseases are born. This is considered by the most antiquated theory of medicine.

Today I am going to focus on water, sunshine, heat and earth.

Natural energy for body

Sunshine gives us vitamin D and was an integral part of all ancient systems of treatment. The standard treatment was a sunbath. Nowadays, sun powered lights, ultra violet beams and light-based healing power are used to treat skin problems, for example, acne, dermatitis and jaundice among the new-born. Sunshine is useful in treating depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep disorders and circadian rhythm disorders.

Two-thirds of the human body is water, and it’s an important healing force. Water can store temperature in the form of heat or cold and can be made to move to apply pressure on the muscles or skin.

First thing in the morning, drink three glasses of water. This simple technique helps heal diabetes, acidity, headaches, arthritis and indigestion.

Aquatic therapy: Exercise in water to help heal arthritis, osteoporosis, stiff joints and joint replacements.

Enema: Using plain water or herbal decoctions, enemas help sort out severe constipation, indigestion, weakness or paresis (partial paralysis) of the legs, menstrual disorders, as well as low fertility.

Hip bath: Cold and hot water are alternated in a hip bath to increase the blood supply in the pelvic area and help heal uterine disorders, fibroids, recurrent hernia, and prostate problems.

Spinal bath: The patient lies down on a specially-constructed wooden bed in which a central column has been carved as a channel for alternate washes of hot and cold water, helping to treat neurological disorders like serious migraines, sciatica, and paralysis of the legs.

Heat therapy also help treat arthritis pain, muscle stiffness and many sports injuries.

Earth /Mud
Earth or mud contains minerals, making it ideal to treat skin, liver, intestine and pancreatic disorders when plastered on the abdomen in packs.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Stand Up For Your Better Health

Being healthier may be found in something as simple as standing more and sitting less at work, says a recent study.

Replacing sitting time with standing time appeared to improve sugar, fat and cholesterol levels in the blood, researchers wrote in the European Heart Journal. The findings suggest that making small changes to a sedentary lifestyle can have a big impact on health, and that you don’t need to go as far as taking up marathon running. A study of near 800 men and women in Australia revealed a clear association between less sitting and better health.

“An extra two hours per day spent standing rather than sitting was associated with approximately two percent lower average fasting blood sugar levels and 11% lower average triglycerides (fats in the blood)” said a press statement.

Replacing two hours of sitting time with actual activity in the form of stepping was even better, with lower blood fat and sugar scores as well as an 11% lower average Body Mass Index and 7.5 centimeter smaller average waist circumference. Adults in today’s world are highly sedentary, with average self-reported sitting time ranging from 3.2 to 6.8 hours per day in Europe. Said the study. But there has been little research into the potential benefits of standing, as opposed to moving, to replace sitting.

In an editorial published with the study, Francisco Lopez-Jimenez of the Mayo College of Medicine in Minnesota said it showed that “the fight against sedentary behavior cannot be won based only on the promotion of regular exercise.”

Saturday, 25 July 2015

How To Brush Off Stress From Your Life

Current lifestyle is such that stress becomes inevitable. But you might be aware how disastrous stress can be, it does take control of our lives. What one needs to consciously do is, take steps to address the stress that they are under. 

Here are 7 simple and effective relaxation techniques.

1. Indulge in physical activities - Most of us have sedentary lifestyles which add to stress. While indulging in workouts won't take away your stress, what will happen is that there will be clarity in your thoughts, and your emotional intensity will come down, calming you.

2. Believe every problem has a solution - It is easy to be scared of the problem and let it take control of your mind & your life. Take control of them. Try to actively address your problem and look for solutions. When you act towards solving your problem, irrespective of the solution, your mind has more positive in it than stress.

3. Give it away - Meet people, socialize, and connect with other lives. This is actually going to solve half your problem. Not only will more things occupy your mind, and you will know of other people's problems too, but at times, sharing your stress problem warranties a quick solution!

4. Treasure yourself - Take some time for yourself and do what you love to do the most. Go to the spa, go shopping, read or just sleep. But make sure you have time away from work and daily chores, where you can rejuvenate your sense by doing what makes you the happiest. If nothing, meet up with friends.

5. Indulge in volunteering work - Helping others not only preoccupies your mind with problems of others rather than staying immersed in your own, but also helps you be more resilient. You will come out stronger and with more will to address your own issues.

6. Try to stay positive all the time - Appreciate what you have rather than concentrate on what you don't. Be thankful.

7) Accept what you cannot change - However much we try to solve our problems, some things we cannot resolve right at the time. And there is no point in pondering over them. Accept that this is how things will be, and move on.

Friday, 24 July 2015

4 Basic Tips to Clean Skin Right Away

Here are 4 basic tips you can follow to get clear and healthy skin.

1. Moisturize: It is essential that you moisturize your skin before your leave for work and sometimes even during your work shifts. Any moisturizer that contains vitamin E, olive oil or almond oil would be appropriate. Extend the care to your hands, feet and neck.

2. Use a Sunscreen: Don’t let the harmful ultraviolet rays penetrate into your skin. It is imperative that you apply a good amount of sunscreen about half an hour before you leave for work to avoid tanning.

3. Cleanse you skin: After a hectic day at work, spare a few minutes and cleanse your skin with a cotton pad and a cleanser.

4. Use a face pack over the weekends: It’s almost next to impossible to give yourself ‘me’ time every weekend by going to the spa. Instead, make a face pack right in the comfort of your home! A pack made of natural ingredients is always better that the ready-made ones available in the market.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

If you want to be in shape, Marry a light eater

It's found in a study that if you stay with a spouse who eats light, especially at night, you will be shedding all those extra kilos & get into a shape you ever wanted and you deserve it.

As per the study, this psychological effect, known as social modelling, leads people to eat less than they normally would if alone when their companion consumes a small amount of food. Internal signals like hunger and feeling full can often be unreliable guides. “In these situations, people can look to the example of others to decide how much food they should consume.” Explained associate professor Lenny Vartanian from University of New South Wales’ School of Psychology.

For the study, the team analyzed the results of 38 subjects in which the amount of food that people ate in company was measured. The research shows that social factors are a powerful influence on consumption. “When the companion eats very little, people suppress their food intake and eat less than they normally would if alone,” Vartanian added.
If the partner eats a large amount, people have the freedom to eat their normal intake or even more if they want. The effect is observed in many different situations: with healthy and unhealthy snack foods, during meals, when the diner has been deprived of food for up to day and among children. “It even occurs when the companion is not physically present and diners are simply given a written indication of what that other person ate,” the authors wrote.

The effect appears to be stronger in women than men. This may be because women tend to be more concerned about how they are viewed by others when they are eating.