Friday, 19 August 2016

How Sunshine, Water and Mud can Heal your Diseases | Natural Energy for our Body

There are natural sources of energy for our body, and we know about them, but we’re not using them.

The body’s self-healing capacity disrupts when the connection between the natural energies and the human body snaps and then many diseases are born. This is considered by the most antiquated theory of medicine.

Today I am going to focus on water, sunshine, heat and earth.

Natural energy for body

Sunshine gives us vitamin D and was an integral part of all ancient systems of treatment. The standard treatment was a sunbath. Nowadays, sun powered lights, ultra violet beams and light-based healing power are used to treat skin problems, for example, acne, dermatitis and jaundice among the new-born. Sunshine is useful in treating depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep disorders and circadian rhythm disorders.

Two-thirds of the human body is water, and it’s an important healing force. Water can store temperature in the form of heat or cold and can be made to move to apply pressure on the muscles or skin.

First thing in the morning, drink three glasses of water. This simple technique helps heal diabetes, acidity, headaches, arthritis and indigestion.

Aquatic therapy: Exercise in water to help heal arthritis, osteoporosis, stiff joints and joint replacements.

Enema: Using plain water or herbal decoctions, enemas help sort out severe constipation, indigestion, weakness or paresis (partial paralysis) of the legs, menstrual disorders, as well as low fertility.

Hip bath: Cold and hot water are alternated in a hip bath to increase the blood supply in the pelvic area and help heal uterine disorders, fibroids, recurrent hernia, and prostate problems.

Spinal bath: The patient lies down on a specially-constructed wooden bed in which a central column has been carved as a channel for alternate washes of hot and cold water, helping to treat neurological disorders like serious migraines, sciatica, and paralysis of the legs.

Heat therapy also help treat arthritis pain, muscle stiffness and many sports injuries.

Earth /Mud
Earth or mud contains minerals, making it ideal to treat skin, liver, intestine and pancreatic disorders when plastered on the abdomen in packs.