Friday, 24 July 2015

4 Basic Tips to Clean Skin Right Away

Here are 4 basic tips you can follow to get clear and healthy skin.

1. Moisturize: It is essential that you moisturize your skin before your leave for work and sometimes even during your work shifts. Any moisturizer that contains vitamin E, olive oil or almond oil would be appropriate. Extend the care to your hands, feet and neck.

2. Use a Sunscreen: Don’t let the harmful ultraviolet rays penetrate into your skin. It is imperative that you apply a good amount of sunscreen about half an hour before you leave for work to avoid tanning.

3. Cleanse you skin: After a hectic day at work, spare a few minutes and cleanse your skin with a cotton pad and a cleanser.

4. Use a face pack over the weekends: It’s almost next to impossible to give yourself ‘me’ time every weekend by going to the spa. Instead, make a face pack right in the comfort of your home! A pack made of natural ingredients is always better that the ready-made ones available in the market.